backandtotheleft - Obsolete (2004)

We live under a glowing star
We grow like towers built with care
We dance to the drummer's beating call
We love with emotions we freely share
We thrive on faith's seductive clutch
We pray to an omnipresent ghost
We hope lean on religion's crutch
We trust that our souls are made the most

Misstep, reaching for the sky
We all fall down

We fail, led by a fairy tale
We cry with dejected misery
We drown in depression's deepest sea
We die in relative obscurity

Unleash the dogs of war tonight
Underneath the red moonlight
The stars above us tumble from our might
We see our enemy at a glance
There will be no second chance
We hear our rally cry and make our final stance
Pay the highest price
Your life is but a sacrifice
And in the end they'll know our name
Raging hostility
Borders inhumanity
But victors know their moves
Plotting frame by frame

And if it's "war" they shout
We'll take our sides and call them out to fight
And march the dance of noble men
But if you charge at once I will stand my ground
And face your wrath
I'll walk away with your blood on my hands

Gunshots ring out as the troops stand tall
Terror raised in this epic brawl
Only the weakest men will stumble and fall
As the nightfall perishes to the sun
We'll be the triumphant ones
The altercation's over, but our conquest's just begun
Pay the highest price
Your life is but a sacrifice
And in the end they'll know our name
Raging hostility
Border inhumanity
But victors know their moves
Plotting frame by frame

Apologies, I've given them all
How much more to pay?
Shoot me a glance worth a thousand words
But I've nothing left to say
You can never wipe away the shame
Of atrocities caused in my name
Walk away all mad, but come back for more
Then walk away again
It's the same old game

I'm sorry if I'm putting on a show
But if it's wrong why does it feel so right?
I beg of you don't leave me in the cold
But when open arms are false alarms
I'll know it's over

You serve in the court of the public thought
And put me on trial
Turn the words I spoke in good faith against me
My crimes are now on file
In this secret world of faith and trust
There isn't room for revengeful lust
And as soon as I let down my guard
It's decency you'll disregard

And now I stand here all alone
And it is all too clear
How you wore me down like sand from stone
Yet you never shed a tear
What a sorry state of times
To be guilty of the wrong crimes

Burn the bridge and kingdoms fall
The strongest shall survive
The winner takes all
Bitter words from narrow minds
Drawing future plans of endless boundary lines

Oh, nothing stays the same
We cannot keep from drowning in a sea of sadness

A waste of time at the end of the day
A former shining light fades away
Helping hands will knock you down
Changing empires into ghost towns
A haggard man, cold and pale
Place the highest bid
A lifetime up for sale
Mask the fear of frail rejection
Fall victim to nature's imperfections

Self-induced comas
Hazy memories of the night before
Where, "Only one more drink"
Meant many several more
Still life
It paints the scene of alcohol and the sharpest guillotine
One truth, one way
You hurt every day
Seems sad, so clear
A change is needed here

So it's time to face the fear
Of dealing with myself
And all these foolish games
That keep life incomplete
But as you walk on by
You never say goodbye
It leaves the bitter taste
Of feeling obsolete

Recovery, responsibilities seems easier in dreams
The path chosen to take makes you weak in the knees
Resist the private hell
Of the habit's cruel carousel
That keeps spinning round and round
Where it stops, no one can tell

Fall prey to all the tricks
By charlatans and heretics
That try to drag you to the past
Where the demons still exist
Self medicate the catatonic state
From lifting one more glass
But clarity may never help this sickness pass

Is passed along as wisdom of the age
But its twisted words keep logic in a cage
Relations squandered
Two ways of life with paths that never reach
They keep searching for answers in a text too old to teach
They keep standing in line
Their actions benign
But anger starts to surface
The resentment in her eyes
It's clear, it won't disappear
He keeps holding on tight, pathetic the sight
Of longing desperation
But in the back of his mind
He knows the end is near

We face the day
But block the sun
It's bright light
It seems unbearable
You spread your wings
And sail away
Proving that your feelings for me
Are disposable

Like speaking in tongues
Incoherent noise
But the root of the problem is what she avoids
The end of an era
The end of the line
The end of perfect life
They're only audible wounds
Yet they still cut like a knife

The truth will unfold
Underscoring what was told
Dogmatic prophecy
Isn't meant for me
The force of reason
Is not of treason
It's writing new beliefs
In the time of thieves

Set forth your mind's transition
Turn your back on superstition
Exposing all the lies in the angel's cries
Behold heaven's isolation

As the crowd gathers 'round
To the changes abound
Restricting bonds of old, wither and erode
The future they see is tranquility
The age of many awaits
Replace all the false saints

I remember laughing in the rain
Running through the streets
Seeking out some shade
Yet I remember wearing all the pain
Shackles draw the marks that even time can't fade

Do you remember?
These battles could be won
Do you remember?
There's life beyond the setting sun
Do you remember?
How rich this path could be?
Do you remember me?

I remember feeling whole inside
The warmth that love can bring
Melting all the ice
Yet I remember sorrow's sweeping tide
Water filling lungs
Eternal sleep would suffice

I remember waltzing through the night
Donning dancing shoes
That never seem to wear
Yet I remember failing to make things right
A broken man is left for dead and gasping for air

Life is so funny but it's true
This animosity that I feel for you
Hypocrisy could go on
If this hatred wasn't so strong
You think this song is about you
Well, you need to get a clue

'Cause if you don't stay away
I swear to God, you'll rue the day you met me
This shining bullet is the final storm that your eyes will see
Wicked jabs at fate will only collaborate a genuine guise of despise
A burn deep inside in which you'll now realize

I gave you credit up 'till this far
You dulled your mind with drugs
And kicked the windshield out of my car
And yet you want another chance
A problematic victim of circumstance
Everything is all about you
Nothing else will do
But soon you will see
You're poison to me

This should have been a happy song
One of those pleasant tunes we could all sing along
Yet you wanted a way for your ego to be displayed
Are you so happy now?
So poorly dismayed

Picture the young one, seems strong and full of life
Never questioned his spirit
Distress is left unsaid
Scars on the inside are the wounds that never heal
Wrought with neglection
Disowned, and left for dead
Narrow vision
The line of sight casts a blinding light on the eyes of a broken soul
Picture the young one, a smile that's cursed from birth
Winter's breath shoots through his bones
His heart encased in ice
Passive aggression, cruel words behind closed doors
Giving up his own free will, as a sacrifice
Isolation, the greatest fear
Open up its darkest void and swallows whole

Stand beside me
Help to dispel what has been told
Offer me just one sign of relief
Hold me closely
And shelter me from the cold
Take me back to the land of make-believe

Picture the old one, who feels his life is spent
Passes dysfunction down the family line
Generations repeat the same mistakes
Vicious circles 'till the end of time
A room of strangers
A faceless crowd
Trying to break free will take its toll
Picture the aged one; complexion turning gray
Never found the passion or the strength to seize the day