Xenturion Prime - Mecha Rising (2014)

Kill your apathy
Search with impunity

Tape your memory
Delete your enemy

Release your energy
Keep your sanity

No more sympathy as you prepare to…

And claim your place
In this dying world
Rise Up

Let the power flow

It's so easy to get lost
In distant times an broken chains of thought
It keeps coming back to me
And although it's long ago
It still feels like yesterday
I Used to run away
But now there's no escape

And my reflection disappears
The images inside my mind evaporates
So listen to my lamentation
This final transmission before I terminate it all

What if I had known the cost?
Would I have chosen differently?
Would it be the same?

Reset - Restore
Repeat and Reform
Second chance - Second nature
The dark creation of a brighter future
Reboot - Recall
Advance - Control
Initiate forced evolution
Last chance for absolution

In this esoteric circuitry
Ghost in the machinery
Steady flow of energy
Running through me
Running through this esoteric circuitry

No fear - No regret
Existence at the edge of life
Look to the sky - clench my fist
A transhuman survivalist

Heart burning like a star
With every move I make
I can hear the sound of a hundred moving parts
The memories remain
it's part of the illusion
Like echoes of a broken life
Reanimating me


Shape up
Lock & Load
A deep breath before I go
Bio-Hazmat suit and mask on
Open the gates to the world beyond

The pale moonlight hard and cold
The silence in the dead of night
Then the realization unfolds
I'll be the one who turns the tide

And as I stand alone in the dark
Soaked in the nuclear rain
A force surging through my veins
Empowering me

Take the fight into the next phase
Eradicate the enemy with fire and burning light
Burning light
(Fire Fire)
Burning bright

Moving out
Energized by adrenaline
Silently walking on the plains of dust
And I've got the devil on my shoulder
Constantly watching me

And as I see the sunrise on the mountain
I wonder, how did it come to this?
One final desperate attempt to rule the world

Radiant in a silent void
Primal essence flowing through
We created our own path
Crawling higher
Towards eternal night

Deep within the core
High above the stratosphere
Moving through the aether
Into the last frontier

Ambiance of forgotten past
No memories are true
From the origin of man
Crawling higher
Chasing the light

There will be a day
When clouds are rolling by
We will find our way
In vermilion skies

Waking up, I wonder if the dream is real
Deep inside, longing for the expansion of humanity

We have been implored to explore
The universe is signalling us out

Ignite the flame
The final journey has begun
A voyager for all eternity
Ignite the flame
Coincidence will guide the way
We'll be voyagers for all eternity

Falling stars sweep across the sky
Neon lights coloring the night in the urban scenery

Show me now, tell me are you ready to go
Together far beyond infinity

Oceans of fire, In a vast expanse of darkness
Theoretical quantum physics applied
Shrouded reality and mystery combined

Fueled by my imagination
I choose a path
The worlds beyond
Craving attention
I acknowledge their call
Forgotten senses unified
It ignites my soul, electrifies
Reveals my destination
Beyond the sphere of solid ground
My consciousness and spirit bound
A revelation

Suddenly the room shatters around me
A creeping mist seeps through the cracks and then envelops me
I am elevated above the floor
A voice rising up inside me
It tells me to let go and leave this realm
Impossible to resist
It is my destiny

The End

It's coming closer now
Is this the end?
It can't be over now
Let's Power Up again


This empty room
A portal to a distant place
Intangible, ghostlike sub-reality
A sight unseen
Forgotten secrets spawned
By a subconscious mind

Time is failing
I'm not here
Nonexistent skyline

Phantoms in the looking glass
A personal kaleidoscope
Fluorescent lights flickering
The final confirmation

All strings attached
Ready for hardcoded slavery
There's no remedy

Plugging in the cable
Self control disabled
Programs guiding me
Leading me deceivingly

Trapped in the system
Welcome to your new existence
Fight for the system
You'll find salvation in complacency

Sit back
Give in to the norm

I am Elite
Am I Elite?