Wolfsheim - Dreaming Apes (1996)

I'm dreaming, I'm screaming
But making no sound
I'm the nightmare from upstairs
And I'm coming down

From silence to violence
In a single step
Try to leave or retrieve
What I can't forget

I can see what I'll be
When I'm going on
I can't heal it, can't feel it
If I'm doing wrong

It's burning, it's yearning,
It's spinning around
Let it shout, tear it out, save me
From this unholy being…

The watery light that mirrors in your desirable eyes
The way you move your lips
While talking to somebody else
I move a little closer just to hear what you say
You speak of loneliness but here's a soul adoring you

It's a wounded heart
It breaks in two
And in it's pain
It sings for you

It's a wounded heart
That feels afraid
Moves closer still
Fulfills its fate

Your freedom's poverty that you do not recognize
The way you stalk the night
While talking to somebody else
I move a little closer just to know who you are
A slightly glowing ember I'm the breeze igniting you

Your smile incredibly sweet
That's what I cannot bear
I seek the friendly water
Anything to sooth my desire

You're moving out of my night
And there will be no dawn
All that could have been
Remains with me internally lost

A new starsystem has been explored
A new starsystem has been explored
A new starsystem has been explored
A new starsystem has been explored

Ist dies noch mein Gesicht?
Ich hör' meine Stimme nicht!
Ich habe Angst zu sehen,
Dies konnte alles vergehen

Mein Herz es rast so schnell
Dieser Schmerz so grell
Welch' gro'er Sternenheld
Dessen Wort zu Staub zerfallt!

Ich hab' den Tod der Sonnen gesehen!
Sie waren von Rot so heiß…
So wunderschön!

Frei und zügellos
Verloren rettungslos

Ist dies der dumpfe Klang,
Mit dem die Zeit begann?
Ich habe Angst zu sehen
Sie konnte nie vergehen!

Die Welt ein Schattenbild
Verlangen ungestillt
Ein blinder Menschentraum
Verloren in Licht und Raum

Ich hab den Tod der Sonnen gesehen!
Sie waren von blau so kalt…
So wunderschön!

Tief und grenzenlos
Alt und ruhelos

A million miles from here
I stand alone and shout
Not any thoughts, not any doubts

I look around and nothing
I can see is true
This is anything but new

I feel a silent rain
Pour down impassively
A solemn nightfall kills the light
That longs to be…

A needless pain…
You bear in vain…
Unless you can see
There is nothing to sustain

I said goodbye to the river…
The mountains and the trees
Can't you hear they are singing
Their song of birth and agony

I said goodbye to the seasons that were never insincere
By myself I am singing their song
That no one wants to hear

Many words, many dreams I've got to give
But in this racing world there is no place for me
And if I leave today no memories remain…

From the moment you wake up
You cannot feel free
There are so many things in this world
You can't see
Just don't keep on leaving
Your dreams behind
Have a heart to see you'll get
Trapped in your mind

It's like an impurity in your mind
Furtive ruin that
Hails from behind
Get rid of the demon
That darkens your sun
Go on… go on…
Leave no deed undone!

You don't really depend
On material plight
And the way you live…
It is simply not right
You just have to get rid
Of your own demands
Fight against yourself
For a second chance

No escape
Every further step you'll ever make
Will drive you on to me
And I will set you free

Sometimes it's so easy
Just to be scared
No-one promised
Your life would be fair
There's always a reason for you to run
Away… with me… leave no deed undone

I awake… and I look…
Down at my sleeping face
From the cold…
Persuading melodies
Want me to join this…
Unreal dance
An unholy humming
That echoes and dies

Can I resist…
Be torn into laughter
And can I persist
Being torn into light
They want me to join this…
Unreal dance
That forces my mind
Just to follow thy will

Any way must lead out into me
Anyway I can't go on crawling
Anyway, I must get rid of it all…

Endless halls… dancing shades spinning round
Twisting their skinny limbs
Stench of doom I smell…
They want me to join this…
Unreal dance
And don't want to offer me…
Any further chance

Careworn… down torn…
Into the swirl of their senselessness…
Cosy emptiness…
It wants me to join this…
Unreal dance
Left alone… anywhere you go…
You'll be caught in your fear again

Spuren im Schnee führen an dir vorüber
Frostklare Winde im Mondenschein
Endlose Stunden voll gläsernem Schweigen
Wachst Du beharrlich in tiefer Nacht

Bricht dann die Stille
Zerfließt ein verschlafenes, karges Verlangen
Leise verweht sich der Nebel
Endlich voller Licht die Welt

Tiefgrüne Wiesen, schattenkühle Wälder
Blühen in der Gunst des Sonnenspiels
Reifende Ähren in wiegendem Tanze
Flüstern ihre Weisen dem Wind zu

Bricht dann die Stille
Neuerlich hernieder, mit diesigem Hauche…
Leise erhebt sich der Nebel
Schließlich tritt die Nacht in die Welt

Wieder sind da Spuren
Im Schnee bei den Bäumen
Der Mond steht alleine
In kalter Nacht

Es ist eine Stille
Ganz tiefe Ruhe
Allmächtiges Schlafen
Leise verliert sich das Leben
Wartet auf den neuen Tag

Silence slowly comes to me…
Embraces me so tight to keep me cold…
A thought that's drifting through my mind…
Struggles to be free and wails alone…

Embraces me… so tight…
Struggles to… be free…

We turn to stone!
We don't find home!

Can you hear this broken whisper?
Can you hear it how it calls?
We turn to stone!
We don't find home!