Theatre of Tragedy - Storm (2006)

Can you see the storm getting closer now?
Tell me how it feels being out there

A moment's glimpse of his vignette
As he shone a light on the falling wall
Instant pictures form shattered persons
Whenever he leaves there's a tainted mark
Flashbacks of his stark sleep filter out through smoke
Revoking from the past things less provoked
Any which day, there is no relief
Adhesive words, spoken silently
The shattered man

Can you see the storm getting closer now?
Tell me how it feels being out there
I want to stay with you, and I see it clear now
You are giving me no choice
Let the rain pour down

He's holding for the moment of the fall
Stolen knowledge by minds unformed
Regulate the demolition of annexe for the differing thoughts
Discarded sparks left years ago
Evoked a language much more austere
Reverberating with figments
He left a trace of translucence

Shattered man
There's a shattered man in a shattered land

This interference's shifting
A soft accent cascading
A second glimpse of falling TVs
Draws me in too easily
Some kind of nonchalance
Contains my will to chance
The avidity of youth
The naïvety of you

Somewhere where silence ended is where I reassemble
My lens to take your photograph
Which I throw away autographed
And there's an illegal tender
And there's a senseless sensor
And there's a notion we don't need

And they leave just like you
Never come undone
You deceive just like me
Next to me
Though I'll never even see you
Next to you
Never seen such beauty

Two persons in a vista
The third one says she's hollow
A moist and lashing spoken tongue
The words silent since I was young
In the flicker light we're interlaced and face to face
Someone is blurring now, abiding time as I avow
And there's a soft surrender
And there's a stark contender
And there are notions we do need

I will never come undone

Everyone else speaks in a drone
Round and round into the unknown
Afternoon sun filters out through smoke
The hum of factories quietly revoked

Touch of elation
Panicked inside
Praying for silence, our lives all in vain
Fallen out of love
Haunted - will always run

Wonderful shatterproof metal walls
In timeless rapture withstand it all
Lifeless engines in the summer towns
On empty vistas where the quiet abounds

Seasons change us
This moment envisions eternity
I see slowly the shadows belong to me
Feel my emotions, believe me
It's just like a summer breeze
Sorrow changes us
This moment envisions eternity

Losing all senses
What did we become?
Someone grew stronger, while some other passed
This is what remains
Ashes and dreams of better days

Two views of the locations merging into three or more
An endless flow of words and miles and miles of stars

Re-focus on distant stars
Brings less voices to entertain us
We will always be here
Keep cheap platitudes again

Disagree with my own self
No such thing as 'Who am I?'
Growing weary

Subdue these sounds forever
Someone visited my mind in wonder
Somewhere behind walls and halls another sight surrounds me
Voices say: "If you could set me free?"

Ignorant of the sublime
Someone said that the world is really strange
As revolving doors kept spinning
Up and down

In the world that I knew
I'll always be there
Read to me a story now
Can you sing your lullaby?
Growing weary

I'll be yours now
How can I be sure if I am me and you are you
It's hard to say: "Go away"

Silky tidal waves
In the midst of summer
Trap door of our house
Sliding up and down
Days of childhood gleam
Do you still remember?
Nowhere have I seen
Shadows disappear
Ever since then

And I fade like the dew before the sun
Silence of our ceased memories
In our dreams, everything is just the same
Withering motions

Starkly impending days
A retrospect of golden sounds
The scent of falling rain
Recurring memories abound
The time that is to come seems like yesterday
Someone was there to see

End of the road
We all wait for this day
Everything has changed
I never wanted to stay
But now, everything was in vain
Withering motions

Don't know inside from upside-down
We praise the famed unwittingly
If we had read that we are but illiterate
What would we do?
Keep inventory of things that we do not owe

Even at a standstill we are spinning round and round
We're lost but found
Nowhere is right here
Talk to us long enough and you will be perplexed
Begin and end

We talked in a language that we didn't understand
Hiding things that were obscure while the people are searching
Leaving our lives, staying in the same location
Proving me to you, proving you to me
Looking at pictures of people we do not know

A first preview of something we have seen before
A host of one tracing the invisible

We danced side by side to a different monotone
We practised our stargaze every day in the daylight
A plan with no abstract outlined in the concrete
A man opposite us is out-of-sight and unknown

Never far nor all too near

Always the young one
Walks along the newly interred course
Mindful of what he is and has become
Somehow, we all admire
Somewhy, that's what all require
Always a heartbeat
Followers can deal with pure deceit

No reversal of our course
We have put up with a lot
Never again will we say sorry
All this damage, all our fault
Words don't commit, they withdraw
Shining a light on traces we left yesterday

Lost in the sparkle of a million stars in the sky
No remorse, we always leave with no sign
Non-essential lines intersecting time
Don't expect it all to be highlights

Remember when promises were revoked
Somewhere, approved without him
Someday this ends
Displays of a shape blurred and out of phase
Clichés seem like figures on a window pane

Ever wonder about which words were said?
Watch slow moving pictures pass instead
I disassembled what was mundane
Looking for what's left and does remain

I challenge the truth,
I'm fighting illusions
Come, let's be receptive
To all the senseless delusions

Moments that bore the years of youth
Now a hintless trace of me and you
Synchronise our words that are sincere
Articulated in ways hard to hear

Let us recognise the end
Seal it from within

I know love did confound us then
And there's no one there, all alone again
Never will I leave before all's been said and done
And I turn to you: "Can you see the fading sun?"

Synchronise the flow of intersections
Catalogue all still heartbeats
Franchise the machinations of
The bourgeois-fangled reverie
Gleaming in flamboyancy
Resign to solid chrome
Ohmic opposition is futile
And impedes upon ideas worthwhile

Delicate, infallible construction
We know now what destructiveness comes from

We are living - there's no deed in indulgence
A faded glory, relying on 'Me and Mine'
The exile from human ecstasy
To a place where we're engineered

Seminars on entangled escalators
Meetings with silent translators
A flashback of dystopia
Warning in sleep with a recurring trace
All the fragments and segments
Of fluid sequences
The pretence of a universal race
Not made of metal is moot

Delicate, infallible construction
We know now what destructiveness comes from

It's blurring out of sight
The faces flickering in the tinsel light on the esplanades
Fluid and vanishing
Dissolving, hiding things
In your room, after the scene, when the faces shift
Into someone else
The arcade is echoing
In a shattered self, the figure's shimmering

Alter all the static thoughts
Into something less than what was sought
The splendour of within
Inner helplessness no more
Empty habits cure the needs
Solely to concede
Never disagree
Seek obscurity in lucidity

My identity is dying,
Someone said: "Can you believe this line?"
And for all I know there's a cure
Faltering, reversing forward
Sentiment's never odd or even
The minds are solid as liquid
It's reverberant and faint
Vaguely luminous
Everything has changed
And nothing is the same

While he was asleep holding her hand
The dreams smouldered
She opened her heart, he tore it apart
Gazed into his smile

He said he had constraint
He was ostracised and feint
She had gone over and under
A tattoo of a loser
These are the rings that fell apart
These are the things that tore his heart
These were the dreams that he was causing
These were the gleams that she was pausing

We're nothing but debris
Floating on a silver lake
There's nothing left to take
As we slowly fall apart
We unite you through me
As we separate with fate
We're nothing but debris

Her words confound, dim and unsound
Daring the logic
Defying off-hand, nothing unplanned
Phase into the vile

Let me speak again, pursue the praise - not too soon
In two yields construed by me and you
Tracing the cause and case
As we stand here face to face
Simple twofoldness is our brace
That makes it feel like you and me

Opportunity isn't what we lost
We have lost our senses

Walk with me now to another place
Where no one else has been before