Enduring nights engulfed in tears
Can you make room to ease my fears
I thought I wouldn't miss your face
But now the pain just drives me insane
I guess it is meant to be today
That our lives divide in separate ways
It wasn't you, it wasn't me
It was the destiny we chose

Somewhere in time
Our love and anger fill the skies with tears
And we still believe that our faith will be fulfilled
Somewhere in time
It couldn't be more perfect than right now
I still remember ever single tear
Somewhere in time

My days go by in black and white
I just can't seem to find the light
And I go out in search of prey
To just unveil the pain I feel
Now I am just lying to myself
I have no reason to survive
Because without you I can't see clear
Now who will pick me when I fall

I break through barriers to emerge
To claim the throne I once possessed
I am just a man, you are my soul
You are the reason I grow old

When tired of searching for answers
And giving up seems the only way
You find remorse in the questions
When your illusions have met your fears

I could've dug for an answer
I could've done so much more for me
We want our past to lay dormid
Don't want to steer no controversy

When accusations are falling
Can't find the way to defend ourselves
Tired of raising the questions
And ignorance is the price we pay

I kept on hiding the problems
Confrontation is not made for me
I find my refuge in silence
Don't want to fall

I could ask for one more chance to do it all again
I would give my life to you and fly far away
Sometimes I retrospect in time to see what's on my mind
I would do it all again but time does not forgive

I've been here a long long time
Always thinking you'd come back
My days are long the nights are cold
No one to hold

I can do whatever I want
Wake up in someone else's bed
But no one else can fill the void
That you left

The rain can wash away my tears
But the memories remain
The sun can harden all my wounds
But your touch remains in there

Give me something to release
And kiss your face good bye
Give me something to believe
To occupy my time
Give me someone else to embrace
And justify my cause
Give me wings and set me free
So I can not look back

I sleep all day and go out at night
Just passing time to kill the vibe
The years fly by… the wind of time
The flame prevails

And walking down the street sometimes
I still remember what it was
The way we were the time we had
Now long gone (I can do whatever I want)
It's now long gone (no one else can fill the void)

Makina mata, makina mata
Why is is wrong to follow my instincts
Makina mata, makina mata
Will I just die without any options

Look at myself looking in the mirror
Look at myself looking for emotion
Look at myself talking to myself
Look at myself now

Can't you see?
There is nothing in for me
I'm conditioning myself
I'm just trying to make a living
But the world is unfolding in my eyes
Building walls but to disguise
All the shameful world you live in

Makina mata, makina mata
Can't understand your awkward decisions
Makina mata, makina mata
Will I just die without any options

The problem is not the games you play
The problem is that I am the game
Of all the fetishes you crave
The problem is not the pain you give
The problem is I like the pain
That always seems to be the case

The problem isn't what you say
The problem is what you don't say
You left the truth so far behind
The problem isn't that you lie
The problem is that I believe
But after all that's how we met

The problem is not you leaving me
The problem is I won't let go
I always thought you'd be the one
The problem isn't loving you
The problem is you don't love me
It took me time to realize

And if you think there is someone better
Or if you think there's someone like me
And if you think you'll find someone better
Just find your way I'll give you the key
And if you want to make me fell better
Please don't pretend you ever loved me
Because if you want to make me feel better
You won't come back to hurt me again

I've dreamt far away
Of a place where I could stay
Where no one else can hear the beating of my heart
My life I gave to you
And as an open book you took
The motivations and good intentions I pursued

Lights go out in the abyss even if the sky looks gray
In the end it is just another day
Conceal the fog and scrape the clouds
And reach as high as you can go
In the end it'll be just another day

I look into those eyes
To find peace of mind
I stood the test of time
Through the blistering skies

You made me feel so good
I have no words to describe you

Make me remember something
How did we get inside this mess?
I am holding on tight to avoid the fall
Unwilling to accept what life beholds

What do you know? why do you talk?
What do you think you are trying to achieve?
Why do you break? why do you spoil?
When in my heart I held the storm

And if you see me walking by
Don't get to close 'cause I may burst
And if you see tears in my eyes
Don't even think… I'll be just fine!

I'm trying in vain to tie the ends
I'm open to anything that works
But you come around to stir the pain
To tap the hole inside my soul

Take me, break me, fracture
What's left of this?
And strike me, bite me, suck me
I'm over this romance