Rotersand - Truth Is Fanatic (2003)

With lies in control again
Again the truth is fanatic

Your beauty strikes like a punch out of nowhere
Your passion bites and I'm willing to get there

I heed your eyes, your words leave me silent
I'm paralyzed, your look's almost violent

Take your place behind the wheel
You're in command, take me where you want to
I'm a passenger waiting for departure

Read behind my face of steel
Don't get deceived, I'm human and I want you
I'm a passenger waiting for departure

Can't you see wherever we go
Another witch, another hero
With promises so bold and hollow,
We dare not doubt, just blindly follow

Endowed with target-group precision
They're taking over our decisions
Creeping right into our marrow
Setting up a reign of terror

Good and bad have joined their forces
Spreading lies in trojan horses
Skillfully disguised in laughter
To leave us wasted ever after

How can you tell what theirs and yours is
We had so many brainwash-courses
Whom can you trust, where can you turn to
When you've become the flame that burns you

Love me - I don't
Believe me - I won't

Get me get me a little closer
Let me see the phantom view
Take me right into the center
Of the 9/11 news

Get me get me my voyeur fetish
Keep me shackled all day through
Electronic world transmission
Everything I see is true

Give me give me observation
Let me have the on-site feel
Give me give me the true sensation
For I need a touch of real

Show me show me what is happening
In the world beyond my door
And in time I'll be forgetting
What I have been living for

Help me help me I'm too frightened
To fulfill my hardest task
Will I ever find the answers
To the things I dare not ask

Give me give me observation
Let me have the on-site feel
Give me give me the true sensation
For I need a touch of real

Frightened souls rushing underground
Sirens wailing again
The hail of death is pounding closer now
Spreading the horror again

Close to you lying face to face
Fused like in final embrace
Here we are, almost ecstasy
All the space and time confined in you and me

You quiver, you sigh
Above us the lightning, the fire

Won't you soothe my ardent hunger?
My flesh is longing to be relieved by your skillfull touch
Come on my friend, it is time to receive
What you've been fantasizing about in your most feverish dreams
Hurry now and taste the scent of my heat
Blended with the the fiery steam of your desire
Let our bodies immerse in my boundless realm of passion and joy
Soon you will cast aside your wimpy objections
And release the bonds that keep you tied to your moral crutches
What are you waiting for? there won't be a second chance
No power in the world can replenish the loss of a chance that's been missed

My mind - so shy
My throat - so dry
My tempts prolong
My pride - so strong
My will - so weak
My lips can't speak

Awoke and found myself
Lying on a wooden floor
Thought this had come to an end
I won't be shattered anymore
But the floor slipped to the walls
And had me crashing down again

One level down, another round
One battle lost, when will I reach the final ground?
One level down, what have I found?
Time and again I'm lying shattered on the ground

Where did I fail, did I go wrong?
There is no crime I could confess
I just keep tossing floor to floor
This must be purgatory's taste
And as I fall I'm crying out I do surrender
I know there is no end, no soil will ever hold me safe

No wind can blow my faith away
No fear to drown, I'm merging oceans

At mercy of the raging storm
I'm holding on to merging oceans

Horizon lost to creeping dark
No turning back, I'm merging oceans

I reach my goal where I began
Within the flow of merging oceans

Merging oceans, no turning back,
No fear to drown, merging oceans

Come to my voices
Reach for my hand
Too many choices
Don't know where to land

No time for a breakdown
No time for remorse
Turn on your lifelight
Lead me out of the storm

There are times when seas are too deep
I feel I'm lost - no wind will bring my name to you
There are times I'm raging with fear
A spell that keeps me floundering in the nameless blue

Searching for silence, escaping the pain
The whispering voices come closer again
Nothing I'm changing just changing the scenes
Caught in the treadmill of logic supreme

Move on, move on, move on, lest I grow insane
Move on, move on, move on to reason again
Move on, move on, move on, despair is defeat
Move on, move on, move on, to move is to beat

The mirror's my rival, reflection's my foe
I'm shifting the angle to see where to go
Out of my desert the torment is gone
I'm walking the water that carries me home

Move on, move on, move on

I see them working, sweating, raving on the floor
They're pushing to the limits - still they cry for more

And as their bodies twitch in sonic agony,
My mind is setting out to soothing reverie

I dream a dream so quiet, soft and plain
A story leading to an infinite refrain

And though I like the air of roaring ecstasy,
Every now and then it's just too much for me

'Til the end of time
I'm walking close to you
Nothing to regret
Nothing I can do
One day, I hope one day
We'll find each others hands

Hush - I heard an angel sigh

Looking down on you
I see your every move
Everything is bliss
Everything is truth
One day, I hope one day
We'll hold each other's hands

Hush - I heard an angel sigh