Your heart is like a shining light
It's full of warmth and made to fight
Your model courage sets a mark
It always guides me with its shining in the dark

Why can't I be the way you are
For me you seem unreachable far
I wish that I could be like you
For I adore the things you do

I only have to change name
I will no longer be the same
And everyone that starred at me
Will asked forgiveness once they see

How could I ever be like you
With all the wonders that you do
You make a fool of me I fear
I'll have to end this now and here

Your words have weight and carry on
You seem to think of everyone
This is how history is made
The more you shine the more I fade

I feel unworthy out of place
To me you are from outer space
And nothing that I say or do
Will make me change the me to you

I only have to change name
I will no longer be the same
And everyone that starred at me
Will asked forgiveness once they see

How could I ever be like you
With all the wonders that you do
You make a fool of me I fear
I'll have to end this now and here

Marching down the road
Every day for far too long
And nothing ever changed as long as you can think

Asking once again
What if this would be the end
Was it worth it or did you pass the missing link?

Trying to make sense
In little signs that in the end
Prove to be nothing more than scribbles drawn with ink

And it's hard to still pretend
That every second of your life
Has been planned by others just to see you sink

And then you close your eyes
And take a look around
It's where you'll always go to have your sacred ground

It's here to keep you save
A place where you can hide
No matter what is wrong you'll reach the other side

To have the liberty
To do what makes you free
No longer limited to all the things you see

It's here to keep you save
A place where you can hide
No matter what is wrong you'll reach the other side

At first it seemed to run real smooth
You had it all laid out
Controlling every single move
But there are things you cannot change
That lay beyond your reach
Surfacing as time runs by

The day will come to understand
Once you look for promised land
What you tried to find one day
Has been destroyed by what you say

With no one left to miss you
And no one there to like the things you do
With solitude surrounding you
There is no way to be ending this

A victim of your own lies
That take away your disguise
With no one left to trust in you
No one to hear your last goodbye
With no one to remember you
No one to hear your last goodbye

You thought you had it all worked out
With all those friends you had
And your twisted sense of self esteem
Your mission was to shout out loud
All your half-believes
The truth was none of your concern

But one day you will understand
Once the things get out of hand
It is the lesson you will learn
That your luck is about to turn

The air filled with smoke
All that remains are stories of old

Don't matter at all
No one to tell once we have taken the fall

Emotions unfold
Respect all the living is what you were told

When all looks the same
In search for one reason, a truth to remain

Where are you now as we are looking for you
We are in need and we don't know what to do
We need your help before it all is too late
Save our souls, or we'll be fading away

Why do you hide, why are you far away
Have we been that bad or is there nothing to say
We still believe that we'll be finding a way
We need another chance, why can't you come to stay?

Soll's das schon gewesen sein
Ich liege hier und starr zur Decke
Fühl mich verstoßen und allein
Dass ich mich jeden Tag verstecke

Weißt du noch wie's damals war
Wir wollten ewig weitergehn
Der Rest der Welt war sonderbar
Und nur zusammen würden wir bestehn

Denn die Träume waren Wirklichkeit
Die ganze Welt lag uns zu Füßen
Und es gab nur eine Möglichkeit
Diese zu begrüßen

Wir wussten dass es nicht zu Ende geht
Und glaubten niemals es wär Zufall
Es war egal wohin der Wind uns weht
Erfüllten wir nur unser Schicksal

Hallo du - kennst du mich
Weißt du meinen Namen nicht
Es ist schon - lange her
Deshalb fällt es mir so schwer

Seit dem ist viel geschehn
Vieles kann ich nicht verstehn
Hoff' dass ich mich irgendwann
Wieder dran erinnern kann

Das Gefühl - wie es war
Ist schon manchmal sonderbar
Doch ich weiß - in mir drin
Machte damals alles Sinn

Diese Zeit ist vorbei
Seit dem bin ich mehr frei
Mache das was ich muss
Wann ist damit endlich Schluss?

Ich wünsche dass es weitergeht
Weil für mich die Zeit stillsteht
So kann es nicht weitergehn
Egal wie unsere Zeichen stehn

Wir leben nur noch Tür an Tür
Und haben nichts mehr zu erreichen
Und jeden Tag frag ich wofür
Die Tage ohne Sinn verstreichen

Würd die Zeit sich rückwärts dreh'n
Mir eine zweite Chance geben
Dann würde ich jetzt am Anfang steh'n
Um alles nochmal zu erleben

Dass damals alles besser war
Wie alle immer sagen
Ist jeweils nur zur Hälfte wahr
Jedoch viel leichter zu ertragen

We hold the future in our hand
It may be just a grain of sand
As long as we are here to try
It will be worth for us to die for

For what will come we can not see
It's hidden in this mystery
And we will fail to understand
But still we must give all we can

One breath is all it takes to see
One breath and you'll be back with me
One breath for all that lies ahead
Take one last breath
Take one last breath
One breath to be lying in your arms
One breath is all it takes to harm
Between the living and the dead
Take one last breath
Take one last breath

Still there's time to make a change
It has not gotten out of range
It might be hidden from your sight
But in the end you'll make it right

One minor leap from where you stand
You could just give this helping hand
Be changing everything for good
You know exactly that you could

This is the final day, too long I've been away
Waiting for the sun to rise, waiting to depart

Shades of how it used to be, never to return
I have changed in many ways, through painful lessons learned

Will someone still welcome me, or am I left alone
I've changed unrecognizingly, forever lost and gone

What used to my source of joy, no longer save and sound
Mistreated like an unloved toy, that shattered on the ground

Is this what I'm supposed to be, a weapon for democracy
A tool that's used one single time, and then to be debris

I like to think that all of this, was aimed towards a thing I've missed
A greater picture to reveal, not for me to see

This is the great return, we're better than before
No more commands to learn, no conquered goods to store

We've shown what we can do, the good of things we're able to
The power of technology, for no one to withstand

It is our supremacy, that will be our legacy
Sorry for the casualties, intentions still were nice

We had a price to pay, for giving you a better way
For showing you a glory day, no one can defy

I fell asleep last night
Still holding on
To this picture
I recall we made back then

You looked so lost and fragile
As if you were
Waiting for someone
To take you home again

If I had known that day
What words to say
If I had known
Whatever might have come our way

I saw your smile
Just for a while
And then you where
Disappearing from my sight

And through all this
I saw this light
So soft and sad
That seemed to unveil all I've missed

This ghost of you
That keeps me waiting
For something new
Whilst contemplating
As time stands still
At my own will
This ghost of you
Is what I long for

This ghost of you
Is like a star sign
That's shining through
It's almost divine
It keeps me warm
It does no harm
This ghost of you
Is always soothing

That ghost of you
In every raindrop
I'm walking through
I wish this won't stop
Though wet and cold
Though feeling old
That ghost of you
Will keep me going

I'm sorry for the chance gone by
For all the times I had to lie
I'm sorry I don't had the time
To care for those I left behind

I'm sorry for the things I missed
I'm sorry that we never kissed
I'm sorry that I could not stay
I'm sorry that I went away

I'm sorry for the misery
For all the things I did not see
So sorry that I made you wait
So sorry that I came too late

Sorry for the tears you shed
For all the sorrow and regret
And nothing that I do or say
Could make these feelings go away

I'm glad I had the time to see
Those little things you gave to me
I'm glad I found the time to stay
To be with you for one more day

I'm glad you helped me to forgive
To find my peace in how we live
I'm glad to have you by my side
My dearest friend and truest guide

I'm glad to welcome every tear
Because I have nothing to fear
I'm glad to feel your loving touch
Throughout those years that meant so much

I'm glad you found a way to be
Forever in this life with me
And nothing that you do or say
Will make these feelings go away

For generations yet to come
Decisions that we build upon
Are made today and they will pave
The future path we walk along

Whatever is done wrong today
Forever in the books will stay
But you are there with me
But you are here with me

What difference would it make today
To speak against what others say
To hope that just a single voice
Could give society a choice

Whatever is done wrong today
Forever in the books will stay
But you are there with me
But you are here with me

When I think of all the things we've been through
It's hard to tell where it went wrong
There's many things I'd like to undo
That's why I want to move along

But the past keeps chasing me
And there is nothing I can do
I would like to understand
Before I'm leaving you…

When I'm dead and gone
What is left of me
Will my words go on
Or will I just fade away

Once I'm dead and gone
Who will be left to see
That all the things I've done
Were never meant for me

Once I'm dead and gone
For all the things I leave behind