Eisfabrik - When Winter Comes (2015)


Face to face, eye to eye
Time for rebirth, time to die
And there will be no way
To reach our goal

Dust to dust, gold to gold
All is gone, all dreams sold
Within my soul until all we had
Has turned to dust

Sometimes I can freeze and endure cold
You are in my body and my soul
Someday I'm petrified and bitterly cold
You are in my heart and shine like gold

Eye to eye, face to face
Say goodbye, just in case
The world will be brand new
Will be newborn

Dust to dust, gold to gold
Every story has been told
And there will be no way
To pay the bill

Ice Crystal

Yesterday I was still there, now I'm gone
I still carry images in me from the past
In the prime of my life I was strong
Young and proud, always ready

I would like to see my home so much
Again with my friends, drinking away
All of a sudden you take your life in your hand
And you realize, it's too late

I've seen a lot but also missed too much
I know what happened
Have crossed borders, hurt my friends
I felt a bitter wind, I was not welcome

My heart was never really in it, so what?
Never had any scruples
Wasn't myself, had lost control
I still remember that today

Free - Not longer in your world
I've presented, I would be free
Free - In a sea of tears
When life is fair, it's over

Rain trickling to the window
Gray sky, full of tears
Lines up itself in the round of dance
Distributes the light
Pictures pass
Happy End canceled
No end in white

Scrabble in thoughts
Summer wind feelings
The autumn storm has swept away
Dreams pass
As comets on their course
Always return
Never arrive

Life is the answer
On the run from loneliness
Cannot give you mine
You were hurt and I am sorry
Life means change
What ties us up
Does not release us
Life should be free

Search for an answer
On the way from togetherness
Cannot give them to you
Hurts me, I feel sorrow
Desirable thoughts
Some wishes too bold
Lights glistening bright
If they burn up

No chance to stop the time
No time to take a break and rest
The globe turns continually further
No time to do simply nothing

We must always continue
We always want more
We always want more

Next jump on the career ladder
Not a day I come home early
Everywhere and at all times
Always one step ahead of giants
Bitch cheated on the inside
Rules prevail over reason

Red light become green
Two point zero networked and still alone
Too much input
No idea what's going on
The men in white coats
Finally sedated and medical care
Those who are late will be punished by life itself
Meeting deadline and cardiac arrest
Everyone is replaceable, except you

Don't be afraid when the winter comes
The cold weather can also warm you
Some day the cold times will pass
Some day when we're back together

Don't be afraid when the winter comes
Don't be afraid, you are not alone
Don't be afraid when the winter comes
Don't be afraid, I'm in thoughts with you

We will walk together
In the clear icy air, in the snow
With the warmth and your love
That you give me, I'm not afraid to freeze

Sky full of fire
And the foam whips in my face
Sail stiffly frozen
One more gust and it breaks

Ice hangs on the rail
The planks soon crack
Submerged in thoughts of you
For the last time

I can't hold you anymore
Here in this cold night
The ship is sinking
Polar lights are shining bright

I can't hold me anymore
Here in the polar night
The shore is too far away
No rescue in sight

We wanted to make prey
Regardless of any loss
Storm didn't forgive
And nobody suspected this

Ice hangs on the rail
The planks soon crack
Half frozen to death
I slithered at the deck

Included heart
Buried in eternal white
Silent screams of pain
Tears congeal into ice
Harsh winds blow from the north
The cold air is solidified
Frost freezes me to the heart

Water falls softly from the sky
Falls softly in its finest form
Crystals like a million lights
Shine like stars in the sky

It expands the white surface
Ice Age
The winter with its cold hand digs your grave
Buried under ice and snow
All of life is crushed
Finally, a clear warm day
It's too late

Endless requests
Sent into the sky blue
Infinite ways
Don't know the exact one

Some times the solitude
Rain-washed away with tears
Why is my life
Everyday the same song?

Infinite dreams
The dream is in boring gray
Went out into the light
Have I captured the sun?

Sometimes I'm a thousand colors
Sometimes only in black and white
Sometimes I'm a lot of people
Speaking to myself alone

Infinite number of stars
Have they counted a million times
Endless requests
Just one, not fulfilled

Infinite moments
They lived a thousand times
Some times, too little
Another time, too much love

Sometimes I am a thousand tones
Find no melody
Sometimes I'm an orchestra
Name your symphony

Since you left I'm trying to get you off my mind
Since you left I'm trying to get you off my life
But my fantasy still plays this tricks on me
'Cause all I feel and all I see is you

Can't you see I'm helpless all along the line
Without you, without you
Can't see I'm losing all my sense for life
Without you, without you

Everywhere I go and every place I hide
There's a taste of you in corners of my mind
And still my fantasy plays this tricks on me
'Cause all I feel and all I see is you

Can't believe my mind it's like illusion
In every way I feel your love is so unreal
You throw my life into confusion
In every way I feel your love is so unreal

Why can't you understand my sorrow?
Why can't you sense my fears?

Don't know how and don't know why
I have a crush on you thought I feel
Your love is so unreal

Don't want to dream and only fantasize
Some day I'll find the clue to make it all come true
Join in my life you have to realize
Whatever you will do still all I need is you

Eisiger Sturm weht übers Land
Das Meer von Eis bedeckt,
Umhüllt mit einem Schleier
Verschneite Wälder und Wiesen,
Weißer unberührter Schnee,
Ist so hoch, unüberwindbar

Der Sturm hat dein Leben zermürbt,
Die Hoffnung entführt
Du stehst schutzlos im Orkan
Deine Adern gefrier'n,
Wind weht Dir kalt ins Gesicht,
Aus dem Nordenland seit Jahren

Du sprangst ins kalte Wasser
Und niemand hielt Dich davon ab
Vor langer Zeit

Mein Körper bebt,
Schrei' mir die Seele aus dem Leib,
Nah dieser langen Zeit
Leben ohne Fesseln
Bedeutet frei zu sein
Hab' nie ohne Angst gelebt

Ich reib' mir die Augen und schau' in die Nacht
Die Angst hält mich wach
100 Jahre Ebbe und Flut,
Träume mit dem Wind verweht
Hab' nicht gewusst wie es weiter geht

Ich sprang ins kalte Wasser
Und niemand hielt mich davon ab
Vor langer Zeit

Vor langer Zeit