We're leaving Babylon

Maybe we will conform
But not for now
Let the horns salute our mission
Destination Eschaton

I'm leaving Babylon

Their iron fists are beating
Picking up the steam
Hammers in the mineshaft
Pictures how it seems
Numbers in the working
Burning down the house
Clockworks in the right mind
Whispering of Faust

Prime movers
Here and now forever
We are the prime movers
Eternal for a moment
We are the prime movers
Prime movers
Godlike all together
Prime we are prime
We are the prime movers
Move and we move

Prodigies are screaming
Going down the road
Grails of their birthright
Legion we are code
Far between and standing
Picking up the quest
Weapons of mankind
We are never going to rest

I've been searching, I've been living
For tomorrows all my life
I've been watching, I've been waiting
In the shadows for my time

For my time

We melt down
Worlds collide
We are forming a sun
Love under will
Follow your shadow
Until kingdom come

We break down
Falling in time
Through the fabric of light
Stand your ground
Carry our heavens
Into the dead of the night

Come heaven, come shadows
Come crashing over me
I feel that something has to break
Come mother, come Caesar
Come and tend to me
I feel that something will have to break
And it's gonna be me

The time has come
Breaking apart
We are holding our breath
Our black sun
A walk in the shadow
Of the valley of death

Dancing to silver apples
And the eyes are closed
Reaching for the oscillator
I tune to you
Heathen and darken
Lost in the cities
Crumble of power
I stand and turn to you

Come heaven, come shadows
Come mother, come Caesar
Come day, come fall
Come and deliver me

I walk slow
And I want to waste time
I think twice
Far behind that crowd
I need more
And I won't wait
I might die
For no reason at all

Right here, just now I spoke words only meant for you

And I extend and open hand
Over the horizon
Waiting for the sun
To fall into my palm
And hide inside my fist
In a foreign land
Watching the sea
Reaching for the sun
Rising like a lover
For the promised kiss

I'm longing for all the things I will never get
I'm longing for all the things I had and lost
I'm longing for innocence and simple dreams
I'm longing for ignorance and bliss

This is my white shadow
A shadow of myself
This is the last shadow
There's no one left to blame
You are my black widow
A widow in the rain
You are my eternal widow
And keeping me insane

This is my bright shadow
A shadow of my face
This is the single shadow
There's nothing left to drain
You are my dark widow
A widow in the net
You are my final widow
And I had myself to blame

My heart is blackened
I am dying in your arms
Let this not be
The last dance
The floor collapses as we dance
We are falling apart
This is the world on fire.
This is the end of it all

This is the world on fire
This is where we start to fall

I pray for rain

I need stimulation
Right here, right now
I suffocate
Right here
Right now
And it feels good

I leave the flow of time

If I thought that you could stand I wouldn't hold you like I do
If I thought that I could live my life with someone else than you
As you turned your head to listen to what I could never say
In a moment of regret I almost gave it all the way

That I need you to love myself
That I need you to be strong
I'll do anything to make this disappear
I'll do anything not to be here

If I thought that I could stay I wouldn't leave you like I do
If I thought that in million days just one we'd make it through
And every morning as you whisper I must never let you go
I would give away my live if only I could let you know