Solar Fake - You Win. Who Cares? (2018)

Have I told you what I really think?
Oh I bet now you can see the link
Between the words that come out of your mouth
And the void you seem to care about

It needs much more than just a pretty face to open doors
But just in case you don't know what you've got to do…
Start with stop telling me things I told you

It's not about your creepy eyes,
It's more what your whole world implies
But I don't want to waste my time
On someone with a lack of spine

So many things you'll never get
Not even if your mind resets
Just have another cigarette
And go away now

I won't go with you, ‘cause you always lie to me
No, not further, ‘cause you always whine to me
I'm way too tired and I'm sick of everything you do
I'm sick of what you do, I'm sick of you

I know it has occurred to you…
You stand in someone else's view
While fighting with that selfie stick
You look so dumb, it makes me sick

Nothing has ever really changed
You're posing in a scene, arranged
To share your image with the world
Forget about all that you've heard

You're smug about your epic style
But yeah, I've learnt to fake a smile
That you don't even recognise, just go away now!

You're asking questions but you never wait until you get my reply
And yet I'll keep on trying to be polite, to wear a decent smile
It's getting harder for me to understand what this is all about
Am I still part of the life that made me feel that I remain unbowed

But I'm always the light that shines
To see through your habits
And I'll always be the reason why you'll fail

But when daylight falls on us
And you face a life that's just a fuss
You're so far from past perfection
‘Cause you ran the wrong direction

And when daylight falls on us,
Time to realise you're out of trust
You're no part in my reflection
‘Cause you ran the wrong direction

If I could be the one you'd wish to see in me
But it's hopeless
I can't pretend you're any more than a joke to me
So I am silent
And I wish myself any place but here
You know, it's hurting
But I'm used to that, I've learnt to disappear

You said it will get better, so I pretend that time would matter
And I don't plan to hurt you, but I don't really care what is true
I feel like I'm asking for something everlasting
But what I need is just a reason to stay here

I followed directions, you tried to sell perfection
It seems I'm still waiting for something innovating
So meantime I won't hide, I'll have a drink upon your pride
‘cause it will keep you moving far out of sight

I don't miss you at all, I'll just hang up if you call
No more words I could say, I woke up on another day
I don't miss you at all, I'll be watching as you fall
No escape, no way through, but I'll keep a bullet left for you

You took all my secrets, you always fed my weakness
You tried to contain me as you pretend to save me
But you couldn't persuade me, ‘cause you have always failed me
Yet all I need is just somebody to lead me out

You've benumbed me of all I could feel
Have I become just an addict of the pain
You don't dare show your face anymore
You're the place in my heart for the pain

I never thought you would be the one, cleaning up the mess I'm making
And even if the day has just begun, I'd really rather wake up when it's dark

And then I try to trick myself, like all the others trick themselves
But it's not working anymore

And when I try to take a step ahead, leaving all my hopes behind, then
You grab me by my neck and push me down, until I lay defenceless on the floor

You couldn't really hurt me more, and everything you did before
It's all meaningless to me

I always tried the best I could to follow your way
But now it's time to forget …, it's a good day to forget…
And thoughts drain my head… and the things I can't say…
It's the day to forget you

I never really want this day to end, but I can't even try to end it
‘Cause I was drifting with the sand that runs right through my hands

Have I ever felt myself? But why would I torment myself
I'm not running anymore

So I become invisible
And I can stop the world moving beneath my feet
Now I can fall, I am unstoppable
I don't feel like something else, I'm no way incomplete

‘Cause I become invisible
You won't track me down and you can't cross my way
And I can fall, I am unstoppable
I don't think I can forget a single thing you did

Have you ever looked beyond my face? Have you ever tried to read me?
Are you just ignoring what I say? Is it so hard for you to understand?

You can't trap me anymore, you can't keep me anymore
I'm casting shadows on your floor

I hear what you say, but I cannot pay attention today
I get what you mean, is it in your genes or are you just plain?

So you can talk and talk for hours
Without getting the response that you want
I never thought you could stray so far from what you believe is real

You've gone out to date, so desperate to mate with somebody straight
But why can't you see that this is the key to your misery?

And you still keep along that path
Without getting anything that you want
You said you've tried but whatever you need is so far out of your reach
You fight a war you cannot win
Not even realised you hide from yourself
And I'm too tired to talk, you know
Oh why can't I let you go?

You look kind of flat. Pathetic and mad… Or are you just sad?
You haven't learnt how to fall, still awaiting your call?
Would you hear it at all?

Oh, you would bargain for some love
You don't get any closer to your dreams
You never tried, but oh, you always cried
For what you believe is real
You fight a war you'll never win
You're not getting anything that you want
I'm far too tired to talk, you know
Still I can never let you go

Why you keep going on as planned
I will never quite understand

But I don't give a shit about anything you're doing
Hell, I quit! I'm done with it
Why can't we just skip the nasty bits?
‘Cause you'll never get anything you want

Come a little bit closer and whisper in my ear
What you never wanted anybody else to hear
And I really tried to focus, but now I drifted away again
For a moment I was clear, but you had gone

And I try to try harder
And I breathe underwater
Well, I know it was easier when we were nameless, but awake

I wish I could have followed when you ran away with me
Never felt so hollow, I never thought that this is me

So I try to try harder
And I breathe underwater
And I know you can feel it too
The meagre hope will suck me dry

I never wanted to be the pain that kills you too
I never wanted you to feign we're in the queue
I never wanted to be your sole apology
I never wanted you to take control from me

If I would even bother, if I would even truly care
I could have chosen other ways
But I had nothing left to share

So I try to try harder
And I breathe underwater
I don't know if you feel it too
I don't think you ever knew

You're sick of feeling miserable
You're moving but you can't go
Your drink runs to overflow
Your mind with thoughts which never grow

You're sick, but still tranquilised
The fly at your window dies
Your life feels so improvised
‘Cause nothing's changing for you at all

You're grateful because it seems they care
But eventually you could not bear
These useless attempts to repair
What can't be fixed – it's so unfair

And the issues they can't resolve
‘Cause there's no reason to get (be) involved
Yet smiling, as if they hadn't sold you out for pride

But it is just like this!
‘Cause you've missed to kiss the most relevant ass
And replace your true face with your best smile
‘Cause it is just like this!
And what lives has to fight everyone to survive
In a life that applies to anyone but you

And nothing you ever did will really count in retrospect
Your answers: all incorrect
You're what they know as failure

Destruction in small amounts lays unnoticed in their accounts
You know you're no longer bound,
You owe no more dues

But you can't replace it
And you keep it alive just in case – should
You feel the need to embrace
The ghosts inside your walls

As the rain pours in my head to drown out thoughts
And the stream will only stop when I think clear and pull you out
I don't dare to take one step, but I can run
And I know you can mean well, but in the end I don't need someone
to show me the way

I don't know if I should care or let it go
I've been running out of questions, ‘cause the answers come too slow
And I've died a million times, all by myself
Now I'm done with wearing masks, just to impress somebody else

It's too late to ask me for one last favour
It's too late to keep all promises you've made
With you I don't move on, ‘cause you've got me all wrong
So today I'll go and change my point of view

And you pushed your entire life to get along
To convince yourself and everybody else you can carry on
But you see there's nothing left that will remain
And you're sick and tired of searching for the words that could explain

It's the eye of the storm where the rage has gone
And nothing can bring no badness to you now
But you know, you never seek what's underneath
You're so tired of only wherefores and goodbyes

If this is hope, then you're not a part of this picture
The dream was never worth being dreamt
If you could halt and freeze this one moment forever
The glimpse of light would slowly fade away

The sky is still grey, you're far astray
And nothing will ever bring you back again
But you know, you're all alone.
But the pain has gone for good now
With every wherefore and goodbye

I never knew what could be sadder
Yet everything just won't get better
I understand there comes an end… but why today?

I often wonder if there's just a little thing
That most of the good people could do right
And then I look into the foolish eyes of kings
And I think to myself, well, better luck next time

I forge ahead, I stay in bed
There's nothing I can do to make it all go away
You think you'll buy yourself into a greater wealth
Wow that's impressive, does it really work for you?

But I don't fight back, not anymore
I won't even take up the slack, like everybody else
Who just obeys, I need to get away
No promises I have to keep for anyone

Well I don't fight it back, not anymore
I'm always off the beaten track for everybody else
I don't betray, I need to get away
No words are left for me or anybody else

There is no second chance, you know there never was
You really thought no one could see what you have done
I fail to feel any empathy
Well, this is not one of my primary concerns

What does the winner get when everybody's lost
Not even knowing they were part of this stupid game
You just let go, nobody told you so
But this is always how it has to end

Can this rain cleanse everything
From the dirt that lays over a hundred years
Washing away the things the things no-one ever needs
Why is it so cold, when I thought everything's okay
And once again it seems the same

Maybe you were right when you said there is no return
But how could I fight it? The fire never ceases to burn

Now there's nothing left I could ask for
And what remains is all just shattered and destroyed

What if there's nothing to hold onto?
‘Cause you know it would just fall apart
And there's nothing more to count upon
‘Cause the first thing dead was trust

Is there a light that could shine on everything
That I haven't seen and never imagined it was really there
Helping me find a way past all this crap
And no looking back to the days we never had