Scream Silence - The 2nd (2001)

Light of the sun defeated by the night
A kind of happiness fades to grey
You're wrapped in shadows
Your eyes reflect the light
Sadness twists your face
But you don't cry

Don't suppress your pain

The soft sound of your voice seduces me
I break through the shadows and feel the pain
My consolation will show you the right way
I hold you in my arms and I say

Don't suppress the pain

You hide your tears
Like a treasure in the ocean
Disappeared your smile and your devotion
Please trust in your release and you'll feel the answer
You'll not repent
Your fight is not the end

With a pray you leave my life
So many feelings flooding me
I still miss you more and more
In my life
My sadness staying in the rain
So deep the pain inside of me
I'm drowning in my agony
I must release me to be free

I have your picture in my mind
Nothing else remains
You've been the only one
In my life
I'm dependent on your smile
Something in me would like to cry
I believe I would be free
If I left my destiny

I will forget your lovely eyes
I will forget my painful cries
Always the same I feel
Life is a game
I will forget my lonely nights
I'll be living in delight
Always the same I know
Life is a game

Come to me and leave
This place of violent cold
I kiss your face till you thaw and dissolve
Lost love wakes up - and my heart
Starts to glow and beats so strong
In the mirror we can see this hellish game

Come to me and enter
This place of violent heat
You kiss my neck till I thaw and dissolve
Hot touches of you drive me mad
Like a savage animal
In the mirror we can see this hellish game

Forever melted together a wish of passion
Forever dies the past
We feel desire defeat the mystic fire
Defeat the lust for more

On a picture wink his eyes
Remembrance of him makes you cry
You hold on to a blade of grass
Try to forget your loneliness

If you remain I'll dry your tears
I will kill the strength of fears
I will lift you to the sky
Break the blade and all the lies

I take your fear and take your cries
Release your heart that slowly dies
Grand your wish, that long for love
I take your fear and give you light
Banish the shadow into the night
Grand your wish - I want you
I'll be your new life

A wall of sadness holds me tight
The pure gloss fades into the mirror
Storm releases the rain in my eyes
So savage and real
These are the words - written by you
But I know your face will always shining bright
Your faint dies in my arms and I dry your tears
I think I try it and you try it too
Look into my eyes - see my feelings for you

A veil of sadness surrounds your shine
I lead you to the light - but you don't see me
If you choose a different way your heart would burn
Pretty suffering my agony to set me free

My guardian hand so near by you
To join you I touch your silky skin
But you don't feel my endeavour I can't reach you
I watch you - I need you - feel you

I have a dream all the time
It's possible to touch you
Try to forget
A wish deep inside - when I close my eyes
Try to forget

I see you drowning in your tears
Now I feel your fear
Try to forget
Trust me now it passes away
Sometimes comes the day
And you forget
Try to forget

We changed our souls
On a strange place
What's old will be young
What's young will be old
Look my favourite
So old my skin
Life is the taste
That's how I feel

Never before I've so loved my life
I've lost my body and my time
Never before I counted my days
I don't want to see me fade away

I implored him and hold him tight
Please change our souls - give back my life
A smile in your face - so young your skin
He said my life has born a new feeling

A rotten house
The place is growing cold
Something's drawing me inside
Whispering walls
Sudden awakening
You come to enter my soul
Just one beat of wings can rescue me tonight

You animate my senses
I never want to miss it
It's an unique game
That we enjoy tonight

Dance with me and fly fly fly
I believe it feels like a wing of a sparrow
Until you satisfied
I believe I'm your minion tonight
Dance with me and play play play
I believe it feels like a wing of a sparrow
Until you leave this place
I believe I'm delivered tonight

Sometimes when I sleep I hear you call my name
Just a day more by my side makes me feel the same
Send your order that you get loose from my mind
My desire for your passion makes me feel - it's too late

Hurt me now if you want to leave my life today
Leave me now as long as you can - please awake
Be your favourite - save yourself - and I must say
Until 10, 000 years - you're mine - without escape

Sometimes I think I could choose what I hear
But I hear only your voices that drives me to fear
Let's come back to our senses - go away
If you remain then hear my promise - it is too late

Today you take a piece of sunny life
All the things you want
And allways sunshine in your face
You can show me all your funny lies
Bliss and happiness
I see your despair

You have a crush on harmony
To hide your own reality

Your pretty smile it shines to everyone
Like a blazing star
You camouflage your loneliness
But I feel your helpless greed for love
It's your destiny
It drive's me sad to see your crying smile

All day so heavenly and nice / ich weiß du liebst es
You'll love it always
All day you show your funny cry

Always a suffering in your eyes / ich weiß du vermisst es
You'll hide it always

Every day I see you slowly die / nimm ein stück von mir

Saturday two weeks ago
Your light left me
Tortured in my agony
I'm more than helpless
Sometimes I don't know
What shall I do
Without your wings
I fall into blaze

Monday I try to suppress
My wish to follow you
I've lost my will to live
Without you
Tuesday I must prevent
From drifting away
Today… my pain will fade

Sunday she is gone
And beyond the pain
Covered with flowers
She followed him
The only thing that remains
Four words in stone
Together… forever… in love